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Nova Scotia Land Papers 1765-1800



Bond, John and others  —  year: 1784  —  place: Hants County

Names listed in the documents: John Bond, Randle McDonald, Daniel McKisch, Derias Pace, John Lows, John Ben, Magaret Evans, Samuel Evans, James Mott, Thomas Garber, John Burvich, William Meek, Colonel Tacharah Gibbs, George Bond, James Nicholas, Adam Frelick, John Saunderson, William Bowman, John Maguire, Henry Martindale, Reuben Lively, William Wallace, John Murphy, Henry Green, John McCullum, William Bryson, Samuel Covill, Samuel Meek, John Meek, Richard Atwood, James Fitzsimons, William Wier, Eli Hoyl, John Lewis, John Withrow, William Cunningham, Thomas Pearson, Shubald Dimick, Benjamin Wier, Robert Alexander, John Bryson, Samuel McAllister, Richard McMullan, Thomas Thornton, Samuel Procter, Joseph Ellis, Jacob Withrow, David Withrow, William Bryson Jr., Jeremiah McCrossian, Henry Martindale Jr., George Sell, Peter Rylands, Robert Casley, John Ladrecan, Daniel Snell, David Snell, John Bond, Joseph Simpson, Roger Wilson, Thomas Williams, Eli Thornton, Abraham Thornton, Moses Bruce, Phillip Murphy, Robert Scott

Loyalists from East Florida. 
Memorial for land "as they are now gone up to Rawdon." 
Surveyor's Report: Halifax County, 23, 000 acres, "exclusive of 2000 acres heretofore granted David Ross and Gilbert Stewart and exclusive of 1500 acres reserved for a School and Glebe and other Public uses". 
Surveyor's Certificate: Not Crown Reserve. 
Draft Grant: 23,000 acres etc. Newport. Bounded in parts by lands granted to John Anthony, to James Campbell and to Col. Small. 
The number of acres to each individual may be found in the Draft Grant.