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1 +/- 5 years ROBBINS, Noah (I360)
2 1st US Census was 1790 + This Thomas died 1783 = 1st Census Thomas (b. 1740, NC) is not him. THORNTON, Thomas A. Sr. (I42)
3 2/16/19 Find a Grave now shows wn as siblings). REED, James M. (I236)
4 assumed location FOY, Mary Louise (I642)
5 Beneficiary Identification Records Locator Subsystem (BIRLS) Death File Source (S28)
6 Cane Creek MM HENDERSON, Keziah (I305)
7 Changed name to Janelle Thornton @1980
HANKINS, Ethel Ruth (Janelle) (I343)
8 Either the 1850 census is correct that she was 4 at the time and born in 1846, or FAG is correct that she was born in 1840 and was 11 when she died in 1852.

One reason it matters is that Sara Driver Kibby McAdams Harman was married to Josiah Kibby in 1840.
MCADAMS, Martha (I950)
9 Find a grave
Children OK
Not everything OK 
COOK, Isaac (I93)
10 Find A Grave Source (S14)
11 Find A Grave Source (S16)
12 Find A Grave Source (S74)
13 Find A Grave Source (S111)
14 Find A Grave Source (S129)
15 Find A Grave Source (S219)
16 Find A Grave Source (S222)
17 Find A Grave Source (S224)
18 Francis Robbins "went to the gold rush" and was never heard from again.

See Shoebox for potential death records for Frank Robbins in Washington state. 
ROBBINS, Francis (Frank) (I398)
19 From Mary A. Reed's (daughter's) death certificate. COX, Simeon (I571)
20 From Mary A. Reed's (daughter's) death certificate. HARDWICK, Elizabeth (I572)
21 From Richard "The Quaker" Henderson Rootsweb notes. HENDERSON, Richard (I222)
22 Hixon Cemetery ROBBINS, Ivan Eldro (I596)
23 HENDERSON, Richard (I222)
24 I had already ID'd her -- by marriage license only -- before she showed up on ThruLines. THOMAS, Rhoda (I600)
25 I had name as J. R. Pearson before ThruLines PEARSON, John Ira Drury (I599)
26 Index to Birth Records Source (S81)
27 Indiana Marriges Database through 1850 Source (S47)
28 Indiana Marriges Database through 1850 Source (S78)
29 Kibbe Genealogical Notes on some descendants of Edward Kibbe and his wife, Mary
(Partridge) Kibbe 
KIBBE, Edward (I267)
30 Marriage Records Source (S189)
31 OH VA KY ? BROWN, Dorothy (Dolly) (I508)
32 Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s Source (S90)
33 Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1800-1882 Source (S170)
34 Removed B. ABT 1833 Ohio -- where did I get that? (Prob. from Civil War draft registr.)

Removed Death/burial
Other JHL's = 1
2 y.o. died Indianapolis
Black man 
LAWRENCE, Henry (James Henry) (I200)
35 Sarah not listed among James Driver's (1791 - 1844) children in his 1842 will. So not Catharine's sister.

See also Martha McAdams notes. 
DRIVER, Sarah (I391)
36 Saw her child (my ancestor Mary G.) listed elsewhere as Mary Glover. Mary named her son (my ancestor) James Glover Clay. Others list Rebecca's mother as Mary. My guess is her maiden name is Glover. NORWOOD, Rebecca (I812)
37 See James Reed Find A Grave -- photo posted by
bobadams1969 bobadams1969 new notes on FAG since then 
SMITH, Nancy E. (I237)
38 Sometime between father's 1743 will and Thomas Thornton's remarriage to Mary Wilson in 1755 BOYKIN, Martha (I570)
39 Spanish Flu LAWRENCE, Clifford (I178)
40 Tacoma Area Obituaries Database Source (S220)
41 This information comes from 1 or more individual Ancestry Family Tree files. This source citation points you to a current version of those files. Note: The owners of these tree files may have removed or changed information since this source citation was created. Source (S146)
42 This Maria Spicer is too young to have been the War of 1812 widow of George W. Tarman.

But she could have married another George Tarman in 1817.
Q: Did he die before she married Nathaniel Lear in 1825? 
SPICER, Maria (I387)
43 Voter Registration Lists, Public Record Filings, Historical Residential Records, and Other Household Database Listings Source (S34)
44 Wabash Valley Obituary Index Source (S8)
45 Wabash Valley Obituary Index Source (S9)
46 War of 1812 Pension Applications Source (S23)
47 Washington Territorial Census Rolls, 1857-1892 Source (S218)
48 World War I Selective Service System Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918 Source (S65)